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Kristy Care Fund

Providing Care And Support

To Families with Children who are Mentally and Physically Challenged

The Kristy Care Fund was established in 2003 by Brenda and Keith Knodel after their daughter Kristin Jane Knodel went to be with the Lord. After a lengthy battle with chronic illnesses associated with her condition of microcephaly, and it’s complications, she passed away at 17 years of age. When Kristin was 13 months old she had a procedure which enabled her to be fed with a gastrostomy feeding tube. Her condition involved chronic respiratory problem, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and a movement disorder.

In spite of all her limitations Kristin radiated a sweetness that would reach into anyone’s heart. Kristin was a gift from God who taught her loving family how to be patient, loving, and compassionate. Kristin was totally dependent on the care of others and the Knodel family was immeasurably blessed by the love, encouragement and support of so many people who partnered with them to care for their precious daughter.

Out of their experience and great loss the Kristy Care Fund was birthed. Keith and Brenda use the resources donated to Kristy Care to reach out to families who have children with conditions similar to Kristin and provide them with resources to help them care for their own precious gifts from God.

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