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Equip Yourself With

Educational Classes

We offer a wide range of education classes on a weekly basis. The Nurture Pregnancy Centre is equipped with a spacious classroom and our instructors engage our clients in topics that bring personal growth and development. Our clients are invited to participate in the following classes, which highlight Parenting, Finances, Relationships, Prenatal Care, Technology, Fitness, Cooking, and ESL.


Single Parenting that Works

By Dr. Kevin Lehman. Includes 8 sessions.

Your Child

By Dr. James Dobson. Includes 8 sessions.

New Kid By Friday

By Dr. Lehman. A 5 session video series.

Freed-Up Financial Living

By Dick Towner and John Tofilon. A 6 week course about money management.

His Needs / Her Needs

By Willard F. Harley Jr. An 8 week course about knowing what your significant other really wants.

Basic Computer Skills

Learn basic computer skills in a 6 session course.

Exercise Program

Have fun and get fit with a weekly exercise program for 6 sessions.


Easier Delivery

A qualified Doula teaches techniques for an easier delivery.

Cooking Class

Add new healthy recipes to your repertoire. Join the cooking class once a month for exciting new recipes. You cook right in class while we teach.

ESL Class

Assistance towards improved English grammar and pronunciation with a qualified ESL teacher.

Call us or email us for details on our class schedules and to sign up today.