321 6th Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB


Providing Caring

Support and Education

The Medicine Hat Pregnancy and Family Support Centre was founded in 1988 as a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization. The Centre humbly began by administering pregnancy tests within a privately owned home. By 1990 the Centre was incorporated, and an office was established in the Community Resource Centre.

As the organization grew, so did the services offered. As soon as a donation room was created, it quickly began to overflow with items for expecting mothers, infants, and toddlers. The Centre began offering peer counselling and educational classes for clients. As the services and programs continued to expand, it became apparent that the Centre would need a larger space to operate in.

In 2013, the Centre relocated to its current location at 321 6th Ave. This building hosts an education room, resource room, living room, kitchen, boys and girls donation rooms, layette room, ample storage space and a spacious visiting area with a welcoming atmosphere. The new facility tremendously enhanced the ability for the Centre to fulfill its mission of demonstrating Christ’s love by assisting those facing challenges during and after pregnancy. Furthermore, our current location has opened up the potential for us to continue to grow.

We are funded solely by donations from individuals, businesses and churches and each partnership we have helps us to continue to embrace, educate, and equip our clients.

In 2016, the Medicine Hat Pregnancy and Family Support Society board of directors wanted to refresh the Centre’s brand to represent it’s approachable and caring characteristics. The refresh resulted in rebranding the Centre to its current name, The Nurture Pregnancy Centre.

Our Board of Directors

Marilyn Haag

Marilyn serves with excellence as our Board President. She is often the face of the Centre and over the past five years has done a tremendous job promoting our organization. Marilyn has also been integral in fundraising efforts as well as connecting with clients and volunteers.

Brenda Knodel

Brenda currently serves as the Vice Chair but has been on the Board in a variety of capacities over the past 10 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board having a degree in Home Economics with a major in Family Studies and Child Development.

Keith Knodel

Keith is our Treasurer and with his years of experience of running his own business he brings a great deal of expertise to the table. Over the years Keith has also contributed a great deal of time to building and technology maintenance.

Brenda Heidinger

Brenda has served on the board since 2013 and currently holds the position of Secretary. She has an extensive background in agriculture as well as culinary arts. Her professional and life experience has been a tremendous asset to the Centre.

Bob McGougan

Bob has been on the Board for 4 years. He brings a wide range of expertise to the table as a retired Pastor, current Chaplain for the Medicine Hat Police Service, and the former Director for the Medicine Hat Christian Counselling Centre.

Beverly Buss

Bev has served on the Board for the past 8 years. With a Bachelor of Education and an extensive teaching career she is invaluable in our Education programming and development.

Erhard Buss

Erhard served the Board for 6 years as the secretary and is currently a member at large. He has been able to greatly invest in the Centre with his background in Education, Theology, and Major Project Construction.

Wayne Haag

Wayne serves as a Member at large and during the two and half years he has served the Centre he has put countless hours into building maintenance and fundraising.

frank sali

Frank serves as a Member at Large and with 42 years experience in business development brings expertise in the area of postive stratic planning for our organization.